Kiyosuzakura Brewery Corp.

Chubu Region, Aichi Prefecture

Established: 1853

Since our founding in 1853, our products under the name of "Kiyosujyo - nobunaga - onikoroshi" "Rakuen" made ??a leading brand of sake by our long tradition and quality-oriented policy. We are always developing and promoting our product according to the needs of consumers. In particular, our product "Kiyosujyo - nobunaga - onikoroshi" is a pioneer in pack of sake then, has been gaining big-support of consumers since its launch in 1984. And now the product is the top brand in the Tokai region, has become the leading popular one in our country. Between the preparation of making sake and the filling sake in the pack, We always making sake carefully by the latest facilities and technology under the motto of quality- first policy. Moreover, in addition to sake, other kind of liquors such as shochu, wine, liqueur, has been made by Kiyosuzakura Brewery Co.