BREWERY / Yamamoto Shuzo Honten, LP

Yoshitsune Junmai Ginjo Sake 720mL
Junmai Ginjo Dry-Rich
This 7-year-aged sake has an earthy aroma of wild nature. Sweetness of ripe melons unfolds on the palette, and combination with the layers of acidity creates the sophisticated Umami.
Sake Meter Value: +3.0 Alcohol:16.5% Acidity:1.6
Yamamoto Shuzo Honten, LP , Hokuriku , Ishikawa

Benkei Honjozo Sake 720mL
Honjozo Dry-Rich
Earthy aroma, like straw and wild grass, with a hint of bitter chocolate and spices. After the smooth entering, subtle sweetness like floral nectar and then, thick acidity unfold on the palette. Smoothness of high-quality butter wraps up the finish. Full body, dry sake.
Sake Meter Value: +7.0 Alcohol:15.5% Acidity:1.4
Yamamoto Shuzo Honten, LP , Hokuriku , Ishikawa