BREWERY / Tsuji Honten

Gozenshu 9 500mL
Junmai Dry-Light
Modern take on an ancient method of making of sake with complex aroma of tree fruits and green vegetables. An elegant and clean finish provides a wide range of food pairing potential.
Sake Meter Value: 3 Alcohol:15.0% Acidity:1.3
Tsuji Honten , Chugoku , Okayama

Gozenshu Bodaimoto Nigori 720mL
Nigori Sweet-Rich
A floral aroma of white bouquet, green apple, and grapefruit followed by a mineral nuance. This sake is a great bridge-sake with wine, sharing some characteristics with Chenin Blanc grape.
Sake Meter Value: -5 Alcohol:17.0% Acidity:1.8
Tsuji Honten , Chugoku , Okayama

Gozenshu Mimasaka 720mL
Junmai Dry-Rich
Starts with a soft and smooth aroma of steamed rice followed by fruity characters such as ripe peach and nectarine; a round umami flavor and a touch of nuttiness and a beautiful lingering finish.
Sake Meter Value: 4 Alcohol:14.0% Acidity:1.3
Tsuji Honten , Chugoku , Okayama

Gozenshu Omachi Bodaimoto 1859 720mL
Junmai Sweet-Light
The legendary rice of Omachi started in 1859 with the 600 year technique of the Bodaimoto creates this sake with a fruity aroma with a milky finish on the palate with a little effervescent.
Sake Meter Value: +3 Alcohol:15% Acidity:1.6
Tsuji Honten , Chugoku , Okayama