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Beniotome Sesame Shochu 750mL
Shochu - (Goma ) Dry-Light
Sesame shochu Beniotome is characterized by the scent of sesame and refreshing taste.
Alcohol: 24%
Beniotome Shuzo , Kyushu , Fukuoka

Miyazaki Kinmiya Shochu 750mL
Shochu - (Sugarcane ) Dry-Light
It would be great if you mix with any drinks. Pure Shochu. How to drink: on the rocks, mixing with water, soda, coke, beer, tea, orange juice etc.
Alcohol: 20.0%
Miyazaki Honten , kinki , Mie

Lento 750mL
Shochu - (Brown Sugar ) Sweet-Light
Due to acoustic aging, that feels like it's melting in your mouth. Due to two types of kobo yeast, one for taste and one for aroma, the gentle flavor and aromatic sweetness of Brown sugar.
Alcohol: 24%
Amami Oshima Kaiun Shuzo , Kyushu , Kagoshima