Shichida Yamahai Junmai 720mL
Yamahai Junmai Dry-Rich
It has an earthy aroma reminds you of the rice filed. Refreshing at first, followed by fullness of steamed rice and well-balanced acidity.
Sake Meter Value: +9.5 Alcohol:15% Acidity:1.7
Tenzan Sake Brewer Company, Kyushu, Saga

Yamahai Taru Sake 720mL
Yamahai Junmai Dry-Rich
Soft and elegant ginjo aroma. Rice umami lingers long until it tapers gently. By warming up, the taste profile exapands and its rice umami is enhanced.
Sake Meter Value: 1 Alcohol:14.0% Acidity:1.5
Choryo, Kinki, Nara