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Hokushika Kitaakita Junmai Daiginjo 720mL
Junmai Daiginjo Dry-Light
KITAAKITA brewed by diligent cold-fermentation of rice polished meticulously to 45%. A delicacy with a strong and fruity aroma; it has a refined full-bodied taste that brings joy to your heart.
Sake Meter Value: -3 Alcohol:15% Acidity:1.5
Hokushika Sake Co., Ltd. , Odate , Akita

Hokushika Kitaakita Nigori 720mL
Nigori Sweet-Light
Nigori sake with a strong umami of rice flavor. It has mildly sweet tasting with refreshing flavor.
Sake Meter Value: -9.5 Alcohol:15% Acidity:1.1
Hokushika Sake Co., Ltd. , Odate , Akita