BREWERY / Takeshita Honten

KAKEYA 2016 Junmai 720mL
Junmai Dry-Rich
Using rice hand-planted locally, KAKEYA 2016 Junmai was brewed at Takeshita Honten, a 150 year-old family brewery in Shimane - the birthplace of Sake known for clean air and pure water. Enjoy the real "umami" taste of the natural ingredients and the craftsmanship of a "Toji" (brew master) with 50+ years of brewing experience.
Sake Meter Value: +4 Alcohol:17-18% Acidity:2.0
Takeshita Honten , Sanin , Shimane

Kakeya Junmai Ginjo 720mL
Junmai Ginjo Dry-Light
Modest ginjo aroma. Substantial rice umami with clean mouth feel. Moderate and pleasant acidity embraces dishes.
Sake Meter Value: +4.9 Alcohol:17-18% Acidity:1.8
Takeshita Honten , Sanin , Shimane