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Kotsuzumi Rojo Hana Ari 720mL
Junmai Daiginjo Sweet-Light
With a clearn finish aftertaste and delicate sweetness. The best sake-rice Yamadanishiki bring up the deep magnificent flavor and the elegant aroma.
Sake Meter Value: 0 Alcohol:15.5% Acidity:1.1
Nishiyama Brewery, Inc , Kinki , Hyogo

Kotsuzumi Junmai Ginjo Sake 1.8L
Junmai Ginjo Dry-Light
The sake has refreshing entry and gentle aroma. The sake shows different characteristics as the temperature changes from cold, room temperature, lukewarm to hot.
Sake Meter Value: +3 Alcohol:16-17% Acidity:1.6
Nishiyama Brewery, Inc , Kinki , Hyogo